The book


The book is fundamental to education and this has been the case for millenia, however our idea of the textbook is changing in a digital world.


Student surveys indicate that although students appreciate the money-saving and easy access of online learning resources, they still prefer to learn from textbooks. Textbooks should reinforce learning in the classroom by being subject specific and relavant to the course requirements. 


Chapter one of my design textbook introduces students to specialised design vocabulary. Subject specific vocabulary is a requirement of many Art and Design curriculums including GCSE, A-Level and IB Diploma. Students need to understand vocabulary in order to evaluate both their own work and that of other practitioners. The ability to evaluate critically leads to deeper thinking and critical analysis in order to develop the best solution to a design problem.


“It's really helpful because it helps me understand and visualize things.”

Leysin American School student


In addition to language aquisition the book teachers my 3-step process of evaluation which helps students to structure and compose their own evaluations easily.