The educational application


The nature of the classroom is changing and technology is already a big part of our students lives.


Data I have gathered indicates that students find digital resources useful as a follow-on or revision activity after learning something in class. The ability to practice and reinforce learning is built in to the design evaluation educational application.


The application has three modes: 1. Learn, 2. Test and 3. Compose. In learn mode students can access definitions of vocabulary that use clear language and are supported by relevant illustrations to assist with their understanding. In test mode this vocabulary can be checked through a simple touchscreen matching game. Once the vocabulary has been internalised students can start to compose their own evaluations within the app with the assistance of cloze exercises, text suggestions and a type feature for more confident writers.


“The content was hard but how the app explained it was very easy to follow.” 

Leysin American School student.


The ability to self test and track progress is an important benefit of learning digitally and a user profile and progress tracker has been built into the test function of the app.


Click here to preview view the design evaluation app. (opens in a new window) Available initially for the i-phone this app will soon be available for i-pad and as a web version